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Smart, clean energy solutions from GivEnergy, serving Nationwide

Light Renewables works with GivEnergy to provide clients across Kent, Essex, East Sussex, and London with outstanding solar power systems. Contact our Maidstone office today.

Working with top brands

Fully accredited

Cut your costs with GivEnergy

Energy costs have risen up over the last few years, and there’s no sign of that trend reversing. It’s a difficult time for many people and businesses as bills rise and rise, and many people have been looking for a solution, just like you. Renewable energy could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. GivEnergy has designed a smart green energy solution that makes renewable energy accessible to anyone, and Light Renewables is an accredited supplier and installer. 

EV chargers

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent on the UK’s roads, and that’s a good thing! As a company that’s committed to renewable energy, we’re in favour of anything that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. GivEnergy has designed an EV charger than can be powered by the grid, renewable energy, or home storage batteries, making charging simple. If you’ve made the move to an electric vehicle, it’s a great time to consider getting a dedicated GivEnergy EV charger.

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Battery storage

GivEnergy battery storage units are a great way to manage your home’s power use. Designed to store energy from renewable sources such as solar panels, they can also be charged from the grid overnight when you can benefit from off-peak rates, lowering your bills. These storage batteries are available as standalone units or as part of a complete solar PV system – our team will be happy to provide information and expert advice on what a GivEnergy battery system can do for you.

“We had 14 panels installed on various areas of our roof together with a battery and inverter etc by Light Renewables who were recommended by a friend. They completed the full installation in one day with excellent workmanship and explained everything we needed to know regarding the operation of the system. A well done job and at a reasonable cost. We have already seen a reduction of electricity from the national grid, even on dull days.”

Renewable energy that works for you

As specialists in solar energy, Light Renewables is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a team to supply and install your new GivEnergy system. We’ve worked on a wide variety of solar installation projects over the years, helping both commercial and domestic clients gain greater energy independence. If you’re considering making the switch, why not get in touch? We’ll be happy to take you through your options and provide you with any information you need.

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Contact Light Renewables today

If you want more information about GivEnergy systems, and what they can offer you, contact the team at Light Renewables in Maidstone.

Call us: 0330 133 0204
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